Waiting For Franklin Barbecue

I love Austin, TX. To say we made the trip to Texas for Franklin BBQ last weekend would be a tad silly but not completely incorrect.  This is not any ole BBQ.  Aaron Franklin launched his first restaurant in a tiny trailer in 2009. It became so popular so that in 2011 he moved it to his current brick and mortar location. The restaurant has sold out of brisket EVERY single day since opening.  If that’s not enough to convince you to wait, let the photos speak for themselves.

I don’t enjoy waiting for much but I’d wait for a pound of a Franklin brisket any day of the week!  Waiting is truly part of the fun. You get to chat with people from all over the country, sit back and relax and maybe even make new friends.  Don’t forget a cooler of mimosas, something to sit on and your sunnies. Get there early for two reasons: they run out of food and the closer you are in line, the sooner you get to eat and get on with your day.

We only had two opportunities to attempt to get this glorious meat this past weekend.  My husband walked to Franklin BBQ so he could go ahead and get in line at 7:30 Saturday morning.  Nope, he was too late.  Wonderful.  I am determined to get there in time Sunday AM so I set my alarm for 6AM.  I wake up, ready to go and it starts pouring rain.  No way I’m standing out in a monsoon for anything so I go back to bed.  We finally get up and give the line one more chance.  Yes! The rain had scared people away and we were able to jump in the back of the line around 11:30.  Worth every bite!

Pro tip:  Learn all about Franklin’s history and how he makes the best BBQ by keeping it simple in his book Franklin Barbecue: A Meat-Smoking Manifesto.


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