Southwestern Poncho

Poncho2 Poncho3 Poncho4 Poncho5 Poncho6Southwestern Poncho // Raw Edge Tank (only $6!) // Joe’s Cigarette Jean // Dolce Vita Jentry

Poncho weather might not be here just yet but it is on its merry way!  I’m looking forward to finding more cozy sweater type ponchos and call me basic, but extra excited about switching out my cold brew for hot coffee drinks.


Give me ALL the ponchos:

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The Fremont Diner

FremontDiner1The Fremont Diner is one of those quaint but trendy places you hope will live up to the hype. The restaurant has been quite popular ever since it opened in 2009, but it didn’t come across my radar until just a few months ago. We always use to pass right by it on our way to one of our favorite wineries. Now, it is usually our first stop on our way into Napa. We’ll grab a coffee in the city, make the 40 mile drive and enjoy an early lunch.  Come hungry and leave oh so happy!  From the Pastrami Sandwich to the “Nashville Hot Chicken”, there is just something so comforting about the food on their menu.  Something that I miss daily from living in the south.

Yes, I did say Nashville style Hot Chicken.  I’ve had this copy cat dish at a few places in the Bay Area and have been so disappointed.  They know what they’re doing here; crisp chicken and just the right amount of heat.

They have outdoor and indoor seating but it’s usually packed so arrive early or bring some cash to grab a mimosa or beer from their old airstream trailer which has been converted into a drink shack.  Kiddos seem to be very welcome here as well as I always see toys outside for them.

FremontDiner2FremontDiner3 FremontDiner4

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Embroidered Tank

The weather sure has been intense in San Francisco this week. My friends and family back home might think I’m a little crazy but what everyone seems to forget is that we don’t have air conditioning. The buses don’t have air conditioning. Many businesses don’t have air conditioning. Shew, it has been a hot one. We’ve been sleeping with the windows wide open and the fans blasting. I’m very much looking forward to some crisp weather but until then, I’ll be busting out the light weight tanks and sandals.

Joie2 Joie3 Joie4 Joie5

Joie Tank (sold out, similar) // Rockstar Skinnies // Tory Burch Amanda Crossbody // Rose Gold Coordinate Bar Necklace


Click some of my other favorite embroidered tanks:

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SF Spotlight: Lands End

The hustle and bustle from living in downtown San Francisco can be a bit much at times but getting away during the week isn’t possible with our schedules and not owning a vehicle anymore. Luckily, jumping on a bus to hike Lands End is easy peezy! This hike is pretty self explanatory, it’s where the actual land ends. It is the most north west point in the city, by Ocean Beach. You moderately hike along the Pacific Ocean with gorgeous views of the water, vegetation and probably the tourists’ favorite part, views of the Golden Gate Bridge. The weekends can get pretty busy with locals and visitors so my husband and I love meeting after work to hike. It’s nice to talk without the distraction of our phones, ect. We call this one of our “no phone zones!” Ha. Lands End is truly one of my favorite parts of the city to decompress and get a workout in at the same time.

Lands End1

Lands End 5

Lands End2

Lands End 3

Lands End 4

Lands End 6

Lands End 7

Lands End 8

Lands End 9