Early Morning in Notting Hill

Notting Hill is definitely more than just the location for a famous movie.  Although I can’t lie and say that didn’t have anything to do with us wanting to check out the neighborhood.  For all curious minds, The Travel Book Company in the film doesn’t exist.  Whomp whomp.

Only having one full day in London, I knew I wanted to head to Notting Hill first thing. Unfortunately we got there a little too early as the Portobello Road Market wasn’t even set up yet. Portobello Market runs the two mile length of Portobello Road. It was such a bummer we didn’t have more time.  We did stumble upon the Portobello Green Market which is London’s leading Vintage Fashion and Antiques Market.  It was full of bargain vintage clothing, retro style furniture, vinyl and jewelry.

The colorful house lined streets and independent antique shops make this area one of a kind.  We saw a lot of cyclist in the area which seemed to be a popular way to explore Notting Hill’s cobblestone streets and nearby Holland Park, Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens.  Looking forward to exploring more next trip and starting the day a little later.

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INK Hotel | Amsterdam


It has been a LONG time since I’ve checked out of a hotel and couldn’t think of one single fault.  We stayed at the smallest Airbnb EVER in London before we arrived to Amsterdam.  I booked it and thought it would be “fun” and “cute.”  I was so wrong.  There literally wasn’t even room to lay our luggage down.  This post might be a glorified Yelp review or a love affair with INK Hotel but either way, it was a magical stay.

The hotel is located in the former home of the Dutch newspaper ‘De Tijd’, a place where stories were written and ultimately brought to life in “ink.”  We loved the amusing and well appointed wallpaper; the more of the city we saw, the more the wallpaper made sense.  The entrance is unique, and the bar and restaurant are both comfortable and stylish. The bar served Veuve Clicquot as their house champagne.  Any friend of Veuve is a friend of mine!  The rooms were gorgeous and more importantly, comfortable beyond belief.  The bathroom in the room was everything I hope my personal bathroom will look like one day.  Five days at the INK Hotel was not enough and we will definitely be staying there on our next trip to Amsterdam!




IMG_0943This shower was a gift from the heavens after cramming my tallness into our tiny Airbnb shower in London.  Thank you heavenly shower!




IMG_0950It was so nice to wake up and have (a couple) espressos every morning before rolling out of bed.  It got the day started right!



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