Isla Mujeres, Mexico + My FIRST Vlog

isla1Our trip to Isla Mujeres last month was so random.  I had some time off work that I didn’t want to waste so the first flight I usually search is SFO –> CAN (Cancun).  Flights were cheap-ish so we booked!  We forgot it’s the busy season on the island and there weren’t many hotels/Airbnb/VRBOs left.  Pickings were SLIM.  We just went all out and booked at Hotel Secreto, which was so peaceful and exactly what we wanted. It was very private and had the best staff! We couldn’t have asked for better weather and we crammed as much as we could into 5 days.  As many times as we’ve been to the island, it was hard to believe how busy it actually was… totally different vibe but fun nonetheless.  I get tons of questions about this little piece of paradise so I might post a Q&A about getting to the island, why it’s the best vacation, where to eat, etc.  It’s truly our favorite place in the world.  Check out my first travel VLOG at the very bottom of the post!

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Neo-Nautical with Old Navy

SS-1HELLO THERE!  I’m honestly trying to remember the last pair of denim I’ve purchased that weren’t straight from Old Navy and I can’t even.  These High Rise Rockstars have quickly become my new favorites.  They’re thick and distressed in the right places and you cannot beat the price!  I’m loving the neckerchief trend at the moment but it was 77 degrees over the weekend while I shot these photos so tied to the bag it went!






Hello There Sweatshirt | Neckerchief | High Rise Rockstar Jeans | Clare V. SandrineASOS Lace Up Espadrilles | Le Spec Sunnies

My TOP spring picks:

Thank you to Old Navy for sponsoring this post.

Scribe Pick Up Party + Martin’s BBQ

SCRIBE1Wine clubs. Oh, wine clubs.  Some are better than others but Scribe Winery does a fantastic job at their club.  About every three months, we get notices from all of our wine clubs about picking up our wine vs. shipping it out.  It’s too convenient to head up to Napa for a day to collect all of our goodies vs. paying to have wine shipped to our house.  I’d rather spend that money on a rental car + trying a new restaurant.

Scribe throws a “pick up party” for members to get together every three or so months.  Members are able to pick up their wine, drink (Scribe’s Rosé is killer this year!) and eat together which is always a good time.  This time around, Scribe collaborated with a BBQ restaurant from Nashville (!!!)  Pat from Martin’s BBQ smoked whole hogs overnight for pork sandwiches for the masses.  A taste of home was much enjoyed with a bottle of rosé!


Clare Vivier Sandrine  |   Old Navy Super Skinny Jeans  |  Cream Sweater (similar)  |  Dolce Vita Jentry