Fall Booties Under $100

I can’t be the only girl ready for fall. I love a good boot and I’m so ready to transition into fall footwear. I haven’t been into knee high boots in a few years but give me a good bootie and I’m good to go! You definitely don’t have to break the bank to find a good pair. Check out these booties under $100:


Red BP Trolley Bootie  //  Dolce Vita Callia

Dolce Vita Jentry (I have these, they’re great!)  //   Pour La Victoire Rocker (Love!)

Black Style & Co Jamila Zip Booties  //  Dolce Vita Marana

Bar III Ivy Booties  //  Grey Bella Vita Kona  

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How To Minimize Your Closet with Poshmark

My closet was busting at the seams back in March and I was tired of wearing several items inside.  Honestly, I was tired of looking at the mess in general.  That’s when I joined Poshmark. Since then I’ve made $3,521 from selling tops, dresses, workout clothes, purses, shoes and jewelry.  I’ve sold 153 “listings” which means about 200 items because several of those sells were “bundles.”  I’ll explain that more later.

Whether you’re trying to revamp your wardrobe on a budget, get rid of clutter or sell your older items to save up for a brand new large purchase, Poshmark is a stress free way to go about this.


My tips for selling items on Poshmark:

1. Quality Photos
First and foremost, take a great cover photo.  Great, that’s done!  Now you have 3 other empty spots for extra photos.  Use all three.  Always!  Include a full shot of the item, the back and up close details if needed.  Don’t forget to point out and picture any flaws.  Lighting is so important.  Would you purchase something that you can barely see? Probably not. I always try to think like the buyer and show what I’d want to see.  Some members will ask you to model the item so they can get a better feel it.  If it still fits me, I’m glad to do this.  If it doesn’t look good on me, I’ll let them know it doesn’t fit anymore and attempt to find a stock photo of the item.


2. Presentation of Items
Want to sell a dress you wore once to a wedding and it’s still in perfect condition?  Good idea!  Is it super wrinkly and you don’t feel like steaming it before photographing?  Bad idea!  Again, always think of what a potential buyer wants to see. Plus, who wants a wrinkly dress to arrive after purchase?


3. Honest Selling
Does your item have a small stain on the back but it’s hard to see?  Always note all imperfections, no matter how cheap or expensive the item is listed for.  Write a thorough description for your listing by including the item’s condition, color, size, material, measurements, and any wear or damage.  Nothing is more annoying than purchasing something, waiting for it to arrive and realizing it is not what you were expecting.  The buyer can file a claim with Poshmark and return the item back to you if it was misrepresented which is a huge hassle for both parties.


4.  Answer Questions
Once your items are listed, potential buyers will start asking questions. Does the buyer need clarification?  Maybe an inseam measurement? Be sure to answer them in a timely manner.  You’ll also receive messages about bundling items in your closet.  That’s great for you because you get even more out of your house and great for the buyer because they only have to pay for shipping once.


5.  Sold Items
One of my favorite aspects of Poshmark is the buyer pays for shipping and Poshmark immediately emails you a pre paid shipping label.  It makes the shipping process nice and easy. Pack your item up nicely (invest in some tissue paper, cute washi tape, twine) and ship out as soon as you can.  I always try to ship the next AM.  If I’m on vacation or unable to ship for a couple of days, I always contact the buyer and let them know so they’re not in the dark. Don’t forget to grab free Priority Mail envelops and boxes at the post office!


The process of listing your items is user-friendly but there’s still work involved.  Take the time to list things at their full potential and you’ll see more sells.  Price your items realistically.  I’m always much more willing to purchase an item at a higher price when I can see it, read about it and receive answers to my random questions quickly.


New to Poshmark?  Join using code “BOSMI” and you’ll get $5 off your first order!


Shop my closet HERE or below:

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Black Pleats









blog15Pleated Maxi Dress (under $30!) // Rebecca Minkoff Leo Clutch // J. Crew Bracelet (sold out – similiar  // Dolce Vita Pinko Caged Sandal // Mirenesse Glossy Kiss

This black pleated maxi is so breezy and comfortable.  I’m all about comfort these days! I wore it all day Sunday, pairing it with flats during the day and changing into heels at night. Great length, ability to tie at waist or leave open plus really… can you beat the price!?


More pleated goodies (all under $50!):

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Summer Sweater







H&M Sweater // J. Crew Tote (similar) // Dolce Vita Bootie (different color) // Rockstar Skinnies

Until I moved to San Francisco last year the words “summer” and “sweater” were never used in the same sentence, at least not out of my mouth!  Once the sun starts going down and the wind starts picking up, it’s time to find something warm to throw on your body.  All of my sweaters looked more like I’m transitioning into fall and not so much “summer” so I’ve had to change around my wardrobe.  This multicolored top is my favorite summer sweater at the moment and it’s less than $20!


Shop more Summer Sweaters here:

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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

It’s that time again… The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.  It is the perfect time to pick up those fall favorites at a major discount.  Or if you’re like me, purchase a bunch of things you really don’t need but must have like this adorable gold dotted Kate Spade travel mug and the ban.do 17 -Month Agenda.  I’m a sucker for writing things down, even in this iPhone only age.  You’re probably thinking “….toothpaste?” This Marvis toothpaste is such a luxury (discovered it last year via Birchbox) and I feel much less ridiculous purchasing at over 30% off!

If you already have a Nordstrom card then go right ahead and take advantage of the Cardmember Early Access!  If not, check back to see what’s available on July 17th for all shoppers.

Scroll thru and check out my Nordies Anniversary Sale picks:

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Kimono Love



A_000042Nude Flats // Umgee Floral Kimono // Rockstar Skinnies

Oh, the kimono. I’m not sure if it’s San Francisco’s wonky weather or the ease of just throwing on a tank and a cute kimono and you look half way put together but I am obsessed with them. Add some tassels or some bright pom poms to the edges and we are good to go! I save my thicker ones for chilly nights and use the lightweight ones for day time. The best thing about them, for all of you lucky ladies who are still enjoying pool weather, is they make sure perfect cover ups as well.

Shop my favorite kimonos below!

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