SF Spotlight: Lands End

The hustle and bustle from living in downtown San Francisco can be a bit much at times but getting away during the week isn’t possible with our schedules and not owning a vehicle anymore. Luckily, jumping on a bus to hike Lands End is easy peezy! This hike is pretty self explanatory, it’s where the actual land ends. It is the most north west point in the city, by Ocean Beach. You moderately hike along the Pacific Ocean with gorgeous views of the water, vegetation and probably the tourists’ favorite part, views of the Golden Gate Bridge. The weekends can get pretty busy with locals and visitors so my husband and I love meeting after work to hike. It’s nice to talk without the distraction of our phones, ect. We call this one of our “no phone zones!” Ha. Lands End is truly one of my favorite parts of the city to decompress and get a workout in at the same time.

Lands End1

Lands End 5

Lands End2

Lands End 3

Lands End 4

Lands End 6

Lands End 7

Lands End 8

Lands End 9