SF Spotlight: Scoot Networks

SCOOT       Photo via Scoot Networks

When we first moved to SF, we both bought new bicycles.  Knowing that we’d use them for fun + exercise on the weekends and possibly even commuting to work and back, we were picky about what we purchased.  Learning to bike in the city has been an adventure but as long as you’re smart about it, you’ll survive.

Move along to a few months later.

My husband and I kept seeing red scooters all around San Francisco with the “Scoot” logo.  What on earth are these and how do we sign up?!  Sign up HERE for $5 of free rides by the way!  So… after some Googling, we signed up and took a quick 30 minute intro class.  We passed with flying colors and off we go!


You can use Scoot for commuting to work, running errands or just scooting around town (my personal favorite!) All scoots come with helmets and don’t require a motorcycle license.



  • Affordable
  • Easy to find parking
  • Fun way to see the city
  • Not difficult to learn to drive
  • Much faster than the bus
  • Multiple Scoots at some locations (great for when you’re renting with someone else)
  • Better for the environment (emits 2% of what a car emits when driving in the city)



  • Only in SF
  • Spotty app (shows locations that aren’t available)
  • Few (very steep) hills in the city you cannot get up
  • Not much available parking on the west side of SF


We love Scootin’ around San Francisco.  Sure beats riding Muni…

Sign up HERE! See you on the road.